“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”

John Lennon

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Matt Knudsen

1DREAM was founded by Matt Knudsen during his third year of medical school in Portland, OR. Matt is passionate about learning new things, having fun, engaging with his community, and living life to the fullest. Matt strives to change the way people interact through 1DREAM.

Content Manager

Kryzia Olsen

The Dream Planner was designed and created by Kryzia Olsen. In addition to planning, Kryzia is passionate about empowering others through education, sharing the gifts of Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine, serving her community, personal growth, and creativity.
Kryzia strives to revolutionize healthcare and community wellness through 1DREAM.

Samara Stevens

1DREAM was co-inspired by Samara Stevens during her third year of medical school in Portland, OR. Samara is passionate about community involvement and engagement, healthcare accessibility, and long distance triathlons.

Samara strives to change the way people find health and fitness connections through 1DREAM.

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